Case Study: HR & Business Support

LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH and Denver, CO
PROBLEM: National restaurant chain with multiple location training need.
SOLUTION: Customized training delivered to managers in multiple locations

A human resources representative from a national restaurant chain determined that their managers needed assistance with time management in both their professional and personal lives. They approached WPOs Global Learning Solutions to develop a customized training program that could be delivered at their national three-day conferences to be held in Cincinnati and Denver. The training modules would be delivered twice at each location to allow all managers to attend.

Our expert training designers worked closely with both representatives of the company’s HR department and cross-functional planning committee to develop a training curriculum that would meet the company’s needs. Training objectives were determined and content developed to meet those objectives. Following review and approval of the content, the program was designed and customized to follow company branding.

We selected a trainer from our network of over 2500 credentialed trainers. She had several years of experience delivering training on time management and goal setting. She traveled to both locations and delivered the training to over 200 conference participants. The response to the training was so positive that the restaurant chain requested that we deliver another training the following year.

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The story above is based on a real-life situation, but details have been changed or omitted to protect the anonymity of the individual receiving support.