Case Study: Physical Wellbeing Support

PROBLEM: Work stress impacting productivity.
SOLUTION: Wellness Coaching

The caller was a 36-year-old female who managed a 10-person sales team. She typically worked a 12-hour day and needed to make herself available on a 24-hour basis to meet her weekly and monthly sales targets. She felt she lacked the stamina needed to continue with this schedule and found it difficult to find the time to eat well or to exercise. She contacted a wellness coach for advice on improving her wellbeing.

The coach helped the caller look at her perceptions around work ethic, time management practices, and stress. Using this information, the wellness coach was able to assist the employee by introducing new dietary habits and a nutrition program conducive to supporting energy levels. The plan helped her become more productive during the course of 12 weeks.

By prioritizing her wellness needs, the coach was able to introduce small but regular walking exercises that the client used as an outlet for the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle. The client embraced her new time management skills to work more effectively and actively encouraged her team to use them.

She learned to adapt her eating and exercising to support her busy work environment, gain more wellness balance, and also help her team become more productive. In her follow-up contact, the caller reported: “I thought that trying to fit wellness into an already busy day would hinder my ability to get things done. By taking a more balanced approach I feel more energized, more productive, and more able to cope with the demands of work. Even my team members have told me they see a difference!!”

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The story above is based on a real-life situation, but details have been changed or omitted to protect the anonymity of the individual receiving support.