Case Study: Work-Life

PROBLEM: Need for party-planning assistance during work hours.
SOLUTION: Daily Living; Savings Center

An administrative assistant from a university in Texas called our service center looking for help planning her 12-year-old daughter’s birthday party. She wanted to make the party special so she had allowed her daughter to invite five of her friends to spend the day at a local theme park. This was to be followed by a party at the girl’s home.

She specifically wanted information on prices for local bakeries for the cake and where to rent a karaoke machine. Our consultant gathered information about the party, when and where it would be held, and also inquired about the theme park. She advised the caller that through our Savings Center, a discount program offered through the work-life website, the caller could find discounts to many theme parks and other forms of entertainment. She provided the caller with log-in information to access the Savings Center and said she would contact her when the search for the cake and karaoke machine was complete.

Our care consultant located several bakeries in the caller’s neighborhood, including information and prices. Our care consultant then phoned several karaoke rental companies in the area. They provided her with information about the rental costs, delivery hours, and the types of music that were available. The caller shared that she visited the Savings Center and found tickets to a local theme park at a huge discount. This left her with more money to spend on the party.

Due to our consultant’s ability not only to give the client the information she requested, but to identify another service that she could use, the caller received an even great benefit and saved valuable time during work hours.

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The story above is based on a real-life situation, but details have been changed or omitted to protect the anonymity of the individual receiving support.