Organizations can get help to meet their wellness goals, improve health, and promote productivity.

Global Wellness provides a fully integrative suite of services and products that can be implemented separately or combined for a comprehensive workplace wellness solution. From telephonic wellness coaching to learning programs, it provides a holistic approach to keeping employees healthier and more productive.

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Advantage Global Wellness:

  • Provides a host of products and services to help your organization meet its wellness goals
  • Promotes the health of your employees, which can reduce absenteeism, long- and short-term disability leave, and health care premiums
  • Promotes employee loyalty


Advantage Global Wellness offers the following services individually or packaged as a solution:

  • Wellness coaching
  • On-site health screenings
  • On-site and online seminars
  • Telephonic wellness coaching
Highly trained professionals:

Seminar Presenters:
Our on-site seminar presenters hold a post-secondary degree or relevant professional certification and have a minimum of three years in their field of wellness expertise.

Workplace Options’ wellness coaches are trained through our own Live Well Wellness Global Coach Training Program, recognized by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Coaches have backgrounds in health education, nursing, psychology, and fitness training.


Additional services include:

On-site Seminars: An on-site seminar is a great way to kick off your initiative, promote ongoing engagement, address your population’s particular wellness challenges, and boost awareness of your program.

Online Seminars: Affordable and easy-to-coordinate, online seminars are an effective way to provide health and wellness information to your entire employee population. Advantage Global Wellness is continually expanding its local language capabilities. Seminars are available in English or the local language in over 100 locations throughout the world. Our network is growing every day. Check with your account manager for the most current list of locations.

Telephonic Coaching: Coaches commonly assist clients with weight management, tobacco cessation, fitness, stress management, and lifestyle changes for the management of chronic conditions. Telephonic coaching is available in English or the local language globally.


Additional services include:

Advantage Global Wellness is just one of a suite of best-in-class EAP support services and work-life products we offer. You may also be interested in additional products, such as:

  • Engagement Engine: Customizable branded portal for online access to your employee wellbeing services and resources

Find out today how Workplace Options can help individuals and organizations achieve their wellness goals.

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Case Study: Physical Wellbeing Support

The caller was a 36-year-old female who managed a 10-person sales team. She typically worked a 12-hour day and needed to make herself available on a 24-hour basis to meet her weekly and monthly sales targets. She felt she lacked the stamina needed to continue with this schedule and found it difficult to find the time to eat well or to exercise. She contacted a wellness coach for advice on improving her wellbeing.

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