Emotional Wellbeing Support

Working people and their families face stressors and situations, in our modern world, that can affect their ability to be at their best at work, and throughout their lives. Increased levels of stress and anxiety can contribute to poor physical and emotional health, negatively affecting individuals, and the organizations for which they work.

24/7 confidential support including counseling, information, guidance and referrals on any work, personal or family issue can help keep people to be more resilient.  By helping to reduce their stress and anxiety, a Workplace Options Employee Assistance Program can enable employees to be more focused and productive at work.

With access to qualified clinicians in person, by phone or online video and a mindfulness program, individuals can get support when they need it, in a way that suits their preferences.

Additional details about some of our emotional wellbeing support products and services are included below.

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Note: available services may vary by market.


Reduce stress, increase engagement, and improve focus and overall wellbeing. Aware is a mindfulness program that helps employees meaningfully engage in the present moment. It offers a research-based approach to stress management.  Individuals who engage in this program learn to counteract stress, reduce distracted living, establish greater mind-body balance, and proactively stimulate wellbeing. Request More...


Addressing needs associated with significant symptoms of anxiety and depression. Elevate is a depression and anxiety support program that provides employees with longer term counseling through face-to-face clinical sessions. The product is meant for individuals who have symptoms that are deemed too significant for the short-term, solution-focused approach of a traditional EAP. Longer-term support can benefit...


Juggling work, family and personal demands can be a real challenge for employees. Modern challenges call for modern solutions. Workplace Options EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) employ qualified consultants and state-of-the-art technology to keep the workforce focused, efficient and balanced.  24/7, confidential support including counseling, information, guidance and referrals on any work, personal or family issue. Support...


Supporting your workforce around the world. Our service centers around the globe and our network of affiliates give us the ability to provide service in more than 200 countries and territories. Our Global Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) provide a common platform of exceptional employee support services whether it is for a handful of expatriate workers,...


Get a global snapshot of your company's physical, emotional, and practical health. The Global Wellbeing Questionnaire (GWQ) covers some topics that a traditional health risk assessment (HRA) does not. The GWQ asks questions that address emotional components of health and an employee’s practical capabilities to implement positive changes. Instead of viewing physical health in isolation, the...


Extended clinical support through face-to-face, telephone or video counseling. Pathways provides covered individuals with support for issues that are unlikely to be satisfactorily addressed during short-term, solution-focused counseling.  Pathways offers “no limit” to the number of clinical sessions, and interventions being case managed to completion or external referral within one calendar year. This service is targeted towards...

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