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Around the clock, around the globe.

24/7 live, multilingual consultation and referrals to local, culturally compatible service providers. Anytime, anywhere.

Workplace options has 14 global service centers and a network of providers that allows us to serve employee populations around the globe.

Our global employee support programs provide emotional, practical and physical support services to large and small organizations and are available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Because of our global service capabilities we can offer multinational companies unified, consistent, high-quality services for their employees in different countries.  We have the ability to answer people’s calls in the local language in more than 70 countries and can provide services to them in virtually any language.

We have redundant telephone systems and service centers to provide better coverage for those we serve, and a unique program to provide training, tools and technology to our partners and affiliates around the world so they can use our procedures, policies and case management system.

We have invested heavily in our physical and technological infrastructure to be able to deliver more services to more individuals who are seeking them.

Additional details about some of our global products and services are included below.

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Note: available services may vary by market.


Supporting your workforce around the world. Our service centers around the globe and our network of affiliates give us the ability to provide service in more than 200 countries and territories. Our Global Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) provide a common platform of exceptional employee support services whether it is for a handful of expatriate workers,...


Get a global snapshot of your company's physical, emotional, and practical health. The Global Wellbeing Questionnaire (GWQ) covers some topics that a traditional health risk assessment (HRA) does not. The GWQ asks questions that address emotional components of health and an employee’s practical capabilities to implement positive changes. Instead of viewing physical health in isolation, the...


Organizations can get help to meet their wellness goals, improve health, and promote productivity. Global Wellness provides a fully integrative suite of services and products that can be implemented separately or combined for a comprehensive workplace wellness solution. From telephonic wellness coaching to learning programs, it provides a holistic approach to keeping employees healthier and...


Help policyholders emotionally recover from traumatic events. With Presence, insurance companies can offer their policyholders access to emotional support following a traumatic event like a car accident, burglary or fire. Not only does this service help policyholders address the emotional impact of the incident, it can also enhances the overall customer experience with the insurer....


Specialized support for employees experiencing or at risk of burnout Burnout resulting from chronic work-related stress has been classified as a diagnosable health condition. It leaves employees exhausted, lowers workplace productivity, increases turnover and hurts your bottom line. Using a combination of counselling and life coaching, Revive provides comprehensive emotional health support and services that...

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